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photo of yellow chives

Ingredient Name: Yellow Chives. Also called Golden Chives and Albino Chives.

Ingredient Name in Chinese: 韭黃 (gau wōng)


  • Yellow chives is an herb belonging to the onion family, and closely related to the garlic chives (also called Chinese chives, 韭菜)
  • It has a milder and sweeter flavor and fragrance compared to the garlic chives.
  • It is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisines.

Yellow Chives Uses and Health Benefits:

  • Used mostly as a flavoring herb.
  • Yellow chives are rich in calcium, fiber, protein, and vitamins A and C.
  • They also contain vitamins B1 and B2.
  • In Chinese medicine, chives are considered to be a yang or warming food.
  • See a list of soup recipes using yellow chives.


  • Rinse yellow chives thoroughly and trim off the tail end.

Where to buy:

  • Asian grocery stores
  • Garlic chives can be a fine substitute if yellow chives cannot be found.

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