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[Photo-kabocha pumpkin]

Ingredient Name: Kabocha. Also called Japanese Pumpkin.

Ingredient Name in Chinese: 南瓜 (Nán guā)


  • Kabocha pumpkin is a small Japanese variety of winter squash, usually weighing 2 – 3 lbs each.
  • It is sweeter than a butternut squash, and has a texture and flavor of a pumpkin and sweet potato combined.
  • Kabocha pumpkin is commonly used in Asia where a pumpkin, potato, or other squash would be used in a recipe.
  • It is also a common ingredient in Asian soups and vegetable tempura.
  • The pumpkin is available all year round but is especially good in late summer and early fall.

Kabocha Pumpkin Uses and Health Benefits:

  • Rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, iron, and potassium.
  • Contains small amounts of calcium, folic acid, and minute traces of B vitamins.
  • See a list of soup recipes using kabocha pumpkins.


  • Rinse the outside of the kabocha pumpkin before cutting off the hard tough skin with a knife.
  • Cut the pumpkin lengthwise in half. Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds.

Where to buy:

  • Available in Asian grocery stores, and sometimes in larger non-Asian grocery supermarkets.

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