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[Photo-dried stock fish]

Ingredient Name: Dried Stockfish, or Dried Flounder. (Not to be confused with Salted Dried Fish)

Ingredient Name in Chinese: 大地魚 (Dà dì yú)


  • Dried flounder is a dehydrated dried form of an ocean-dwelling flatfish.
  • In its maturation process, one eye migrates from one side of its head to the other, resulting in two eyes situated on one side of its head as an adult.
  • Sold in packages of whole dried fish, or in powdered form.

Dried Stockfish Uses and Health Benefits:


  • If using the dried whole fish form, bake the fish for 10 minutes on each side at 300° F.
  • After baking, break the fish into smaller pieces by hand or with a food processor before cooking.

Where to buy:

  • Available in Asian grocery stores. May be labeled on the packaging as “Stockfish” or “Rough Scaled Flounder”.
  • Available in dried whole-fish form or powdered form online.

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