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Ingredient Name: Daikon.  Also called Turnip, White Radish, and Chinese Radish.

Ingredient Name in Chinese: 白蘿蔔 (Bái luó bo)


  • Daikon is a mild-flavored white radish in the shape of a giant carrot that can be between 7 – 14 inches long.
  • Although best known in the West by its Japanese name, daikon did not originate from Japan.  Rather, it is from the continent of Asia.
  • Many varieties of daikon exist.  Some are long and skinny in shape while some are short and stubby.
  • Daikon can be eaten raw or cooked in Asian cuisine.  It is often used in soups, stews, pickling, and stir-frying.  Another popular use of daikon by the Chinese is to shred them to make steamed or pan-fried turnip cakes.
  • In season in the winter months.

Daikon Uses and Health Benefits:

  • Rich in vitamin C and minerals like potassium and folate, daikon is a low-calorie and high fiber root.
  • 3 ounces of daikon contains only 18 Calories, while offering 38% of the RDA (Recommended Diet Allowance) for vitamin C.
  • In Chinese medicine, daikon is known to help with digestion, ease constipation, and eliminate heat from the body


  • Quickly rinse under cool water before peeling.
  • Depending on how the daikon will be cooked, the root can be cut into slices, strips, or shredded.
  • See a list of soup recipes using daikon.

Where to Buy:

  • Daikon is sold in Asian grocery stores during the winter months.
  • Also available fresh year-round online.

How do you use your daikon? Leave a comment below to share your ideas.

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Resources: Wikipedia, Self NutritionData

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