Sep 222011

[alt-Chinese Soup Pot on 92.3FM Radio]

I am very excited to share that the Chinese Soup Pot was recently featured on a local Bay Area radio station, on 92.3 FM!

This past Sunday, on September 18th 2011, the Chinese Soup Pot was featured in an hour-long noon-time Cantonese radio talk show program hosted by DJ4 and his partner King. In the radio talk show, the main host talked about his experience making a long-boiled soup at home and how he discovered the Chinese Soup Pot site. He went on to recommend the Chinese Soup Pot to his listeners as an excellent resource to learn all about Chinese soups. Listen to a shortened mp3 clip of this radio program featuring the Chinese Soup Pot:

Chinese Soup Pot on 92.3FM Radio

For those who do not understand Cantonese, here is a quick translated summary. The main host was making a soup at home and decided to do some research on ingredients and cooking methods. In doing so, he came across the Chinese Soup Pot, which is an English site dedicated to Chinese soups and the Cantonese soup tradition. He was surprised to find an English site dedicated to this Chinese soup topic, but he realized that it is an excellent website created by a local Cantonese who grew up with Chinese soups at home all her life. He admires that the Chinese Soup Pot is all about sharing the Cantonese soup making tradition, Chinese soup recipes with an emphasis on health benefits, and resourceful information on Asian soup ingredients. He finds that the Chinese Soup Pot is not only a great site for the second or third generation American-born Chinese who do not read or understand Chinese, but also for Americans, and even those Chinese who can read the Chinese language. He finds the site extremely resourceful and he recommends his listeners to check out the Chinese Soup Pot at

Thank you DJ4 and DJ King for your kind remarks and recommendations of my site! I am sincerely grateful of your support of the Chinese Soup Pot!


  3 Responses to “Chinese Soup Pot on 92.3FM Radio!”

  1. Congrats!!! This is big and it’s great to be noticed! I’m really happy for you!

  2. Wow, it is amazing to be featured on radio. Congrats! If it’s me, I’ll most probably be on a high until can’t sleep :)

  3. Congrats on your radio feature! I love reading your site for new recipes but also for information on ingredients I might not otherwise try.

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