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It has been a good few weeks since my last post on this blog.  As those of you who are on my facebook fan page knows, the reason is because of a recent trip to Italy.  (If you are not a fan yet, I hope you will become a fan by Liking my fan page – thanks in advance for your support!)   I had also promised on facebook to share my trip photos with you this week.

To share my Italy experience, I’ve decided to post my photos in two parts.  This first part shares the beautiful things I saw and visited in six cities.  The next part will be all about the food in Italy! Definitely look for that to come – there will be many mouth-watering photos you’d want to see.  To see which cities I visited, continue to read on!

Part 1 – Italian Cities.

The trip started off in Rome.  As the nation’s capital city, it was one of the busier and crowded cities on the itinerary.  Rome is well known for its historic landmarks from the ancient Roman empire era. Here is one of those iconic sites that one must see in person - the Colosseum, built in AD 80.

[photo-colosseum city of rome italy]

The Colosseum in the distance. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Walking inside the Colosseum, we can see up close of this massive amphitheater that holds up to 55,000 people.  Many deadly bloody gladiator fights and animal killings took place here.  It was recorded that in AD 80 alone, over 9,000 wild animals were killed here.  The partial stage seen in the photo below shows how an arena floor would have looked like to cover the network of lifts and cages underneath to hold wild animals and slave fighters until they were ready for battle.

[photo-inside roman colosseum amphitheater]

Inside the Roman Colosseum amphitheater. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Here is the colosseum again, now at dusk.  The building structure is quite beautiful to look at in the evening.

[photo-Roman Colosseum Amphitheater at Dusk]

Roman Colosseum amphitheater at dusk. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Not far from the colosseum is the majestic Capitol Hill, citadel of ancient Rome.  In the photo below, you see the beautiful white Capitol building high up on a small hill.  It overlooks the Roman Forum in the foreground.  These “ruins” are the remains of the Forum that was the ceremonial center of the city.  This is where important temples, triumphal arches, basilicas, business centers, and law courts once stood .

[photo-roman capitoline hill overlooking forum]

The majestic Capitol Hill, citadel of ancient Rome. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

North of Capitol Hill is Rome’s most famous fountain – the Trevi Fountain seen below.  This structure is something to see and appreciate.  It depicts Neptune flanked by two Tritons, one trying to master an unruly seahorse, the other leading a quieter beast.

[photo-trevi fountain in rome]

Trevi Fountain. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Going West from the Trevi Fountain leads one to the Bridge of Angels.  This bridge crosses the Tiber River which runs through Rome from North to South.  On the other side of this bridge is the Castel Sant Angelo, completed in 134 AD as the tomb of a Roman emperor.

[photo-bridge of angles over tiber river rome]

Bridge of Angels over the Tiber River in Rome. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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  1. My dream to visit Italy got bigger and bigger as I saw your pictures…. thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures! I really like cities with long history. It’s fun to see. I hope your jet lag is cured! :-)

  2. Thanks Nami! There is definitely a lot of history in Italy. And yeah, I’m finally over the jet lag. Thanks for the wish! =)

  3. Beautiful photos.

  4. Your pictures are just beautiful! My husband and I went there a few years ago and the Colosseum was something else. To think of how many people and animals died is just insane! And all for sport. Its terrifying!

  5. I’m not easily imeprssed but you’ve done it with that posting.

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