Nov 162011

Walking North along the coastline from Riomaggiore on Lover’s Lane, the breath taking scenery below is what one takes in while strolling along the romantic trail.

[photo-riomaggiore coastline lover's lane]

Coastline of Riomaggiore and Lover's Lane. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

At the end of Lover’s Lane is the next town of Manarola.  The station is located just before the hillside town itself as you can below.

[photo-manarola train statin in cinque terre]

Manarola train station in Cinque Terre. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Back in Riomaggiore at night, a group of little kids were seen dressed up in costumes running up and down the small town.  Then I thought to myself – how fortunate to get an opportunity to spend Halloween in another country! The group of kids seen below were so cute! They were little excited people jumping up and down in costumes, screaming out some Italian sayings together in a coordinated fashion like miniature cheer leaders.  I am sure what they were shouting translated to something like “trick or treat!”  And whenever a batch of candies were tossed down from the windows of visited residents, the kids would give another powerful scream in pure innocent joy as they squatted down to gather the yummy candies into their little treat bags.

[photo-kids in costumes trick or treating in italy on halloween]

Italian kids in costumes trick or treating on Halloween. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

A couple of hours of train ride towards the South East is the city of Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance after the Dark Ages.  Besides the prominent galleries, paintings, and sculptures that are found here, one of the most famous Florentine symbol is this massive, beautiful Duomo (gothic cathedral) seen below.  As the fourth largest church in Europe, it remains the tallest building in Florence.  The separate circular building on the right is the Baptistry.

[photo - santa maria del fiore duomo and baptistry in florence italy]

Duomo and Baptistry in Florence - Santa Maria del Fiore. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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  5 Responses to “Photos from my Italy Trip”

  1. My dream to visit Italy got bigger and bigger as I saw your pictures…. thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures! I really like cities with long history. It’s fun to see. I hope your jet lag is cured! :-)

  2. Thanks Nami! There is definitely a lot of history in Italy. And yeah, I’m finally over the jet lag. Thanks for the wish! =)

  3. Beautiful photos.

  4. Your pictures are just beautiful! My husband and I went there a few years ago and the Colosseum was something else. To think of how many people and animals died is just insane! And all for sport. Its terrifying!

  5. I’m not easily imeprssed but you’ve done it with that posting.

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