Nov 172011

[photo-italian gelato-sesame with dark chocolate and blueberry]

My favorite gelato flavors: Sesame with dark chocolate & Blueberry.

[photo-hand made italian pasta with swordfish]

Hand made pasta with swordfish. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

[photo-tuscan pear and cheese cappellacci pasta]

Tuscan pear and cheese cappellacci pasta. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

[photo - wild boar stew with polenta]

Wild boar stew with polenta. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

[photo-seafood sampler-Venetian crab and Sardines in sweet and sour sauce]

A tasty Venetian specialty: Mixed seafood sampler antipasto with Venetian crab, fresh fish, and sardines in sweet and sour sauce. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

[photo-italian cichetti with swordfish]

Popular local quick snacks: Amazingly delicious swordfish cichetti! Yum! © Copyright. All rights reserved.

[photo-venetian swordfish cichetti]

My favorite swordfish cichetti. They look simple, but the flavor is amazing! © Copyright. All rights reserved.

[photo-all' arco bar in venice-best cichetti]

All' Arco bar in Venice - best cichetti! A must-try if you are in Venice. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

[photo-Sarde in Saor. venetian sardine in sweet and sour onion sauce]

A Venetian specialty: Sardine in sweet and sour sauce. Sarde in saor. One of my favorites. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

[photo-venetian specialty-calf liver served with oions. Fregato alla Veneziana.]

Another Venetian specialty - calf liver served with oions. Fregato alla Veneziana. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Overall, the food experience in Italy was not bad. We had a lot of interesting pastas, pizzas, and local specialties. We mostly ate at osterias that locals went to. My favorite foods included the cichetti prepared with fresh fish, sardine in sweet and sour marinade (sarde in saor), and the Tuscan-style tripe in tomato sauce. They were really delicious. But the salt content in many of the other dishes we had could be cut back dramatically.

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  7 Responses to “Food Photos from Italy”

  1. Hahahahaha…you made me laugh when you mentioned that you did research on the places to eat in Italy, rather than the places to visit while you are there!!:) Sounds more like a foodie trip, LOL!:)
    Looking at all your photos make me miss my Italy trip as well…and I remember all those assorted varieties of gelato and dessert cakes, which seem to be almost everywhere on the street, don’t you think? :)
    You must have had a fantabulous time there!!! :D

  2. Hi Christy. Thanks for your visit and comment today! The largest variety of gelato flavors I have ever seen was indeed in Italy. And hence, this is one of the reasons why I had to do my research on the food, right?! =D LOL

  3. Your pictures only confirmed one thing. I need to go to Italy when I get a chance. It’s a must! The food looks GRRRRREAT. I’m so envious. Did you miss Chinese food, especially Chinese soup? Hehee.

  4. Hi Nami. Funny you ask that. I was missing Chinese soups towards the end of the trip. The long flight back home made the craving all the more stronger. I will start making soup again very soon!

  5. I wanna go Italy too! all the gorgeous flavours.. I’m salivating. I don’t think I will miss chinese food there.. hehe

  6. I am so jealous of all your pictures!! It’s been years and years since I’ve been to Italy – 10 I just realized!! – but the food memories have stayed with me so strongly. It all looks amazing.

  7. This is an article that makes you think “never thohugt of that!”

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