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[photo-2012 Chinese New Year Celebration Gift Card Giveaway]

To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year for 2012, Kee Wah Bakery (奇華餅家) is generously sponsoring me to GIVEAWAY 3 e-GIFT CARDS totaling $100 value redeemable at

Kee Wah is a time-honored family-operated bakery founded in Hong Kong in 1938, prior to World War II.  Kee Wah is an established and time-tested brand of quality traditional Chinese baked goods and delicacies.  For over 73 years, Kee Wah has served its customers in Hong Kong, and later in Taiwan, US, and now the mainland China with fine, high quality products like Chinese cookies, wife cakes, fruit paste cakes, egg rolls, baked tarts, breads, and now fresh cream cakes for all occasions.  Their products roll out fresh from the oven 3 times a day, providing the freshest breads and pastry items to its customers.  Their signature products include Chinese Bridal Cakes, and Mooncakes which are also available in elegantly designed gift sets and beautifully decorated tin boxes.

And to welcome the Year of the Dragon in 2012, Kee Wah is generously sponsoring this LUNAR NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY, where THREE (3) lucky winners will win e-gift cards totaling $100 in value.  This giveaway is open to fans and readers worldwide, and will close at midnight, January 21, 2012, Saturday.  Below are SIX ways you can enter into this drawing to maximize your chances of winning.  Good luck!

(Update: This giveaway is now closed.  Below are our three lucky winners.  Congratulations Kim, Sarah, and Janice for winning this Lunar New Year Giveaway from our sponsor Kee Wah Bakery!! I will forward your name and email address to Kee Wah Bakery so that they can send you your eGift Certificates.  What a nice way to kick off the Year of the Dragon!! Congratulations to the winners again!)

  1. 1st Prize – $50 eGift CertificateKim of the Thoughtful Plate blog.
  2. 2nd Prize – $30 eGift Cerfitifcate  – Sarah
  3. 3rd Prize – $20 eGift CertificateJanice

[Chinese New Year Kee Wah Gift Card Giveaway Winners]

  1. Like Chinese Soup Pot AND Kee Wah’s Moon Cakes Online on Facebook.  Then leave a comment below letting us know you’ve done so.
  2. For 5 additional chances to win:
    • Share this Giveaway on Facebook, and leave a separate comment below saying you’ve done so.
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    • As a bonus, come back daily and leave one comment everyday until this giveaway closes.

The three lucky winners will be selected at random using  Winners will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and on this blog by Sunday, January 22nd, 2012.  Kee Wah will email an e-gift card to the three winners by January 24th, 2012.  So be sure to leave a correct email address as that is where gift cards will be sent to.  The winners’ name and email address will be provided to Kee Wah for the purpose of sending out the prizes.  Otherwise, I do not sell or rent your email address or information to any third parties.  Good luck to you, and have a Happy New Year!!

This giveaway is sponsored by Kee Wah Bakery in the US.  See their customer service page for information on ordering, shipping, and using the e-gift cards.  Kee Wah gift certificates are redeemable only at their online store at

P.S. – If you haven’t already, see my $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway as my token of appreciation to my readers and to wish everyone a happy holidays!

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  5. I like Chinese Soup Pot because it can provide more health information about the foods or the ingrediants for making soups. I have introduced it to my coworkers, they like it too. I also like Kee Wah’s products because it can keep all products in good quality. When I was young my mother already started to buy Kee Wah’s moon cakes for every moon festival, so we are Kee Wah’s very old customers.

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  11. I like Chinese Soup Pot because it has many good recipes and it teaches the good way to make soup. I also like Kee Wah products because they are good quality and have many good kinds to choose from.

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  49. Daily comment. My neighbor was so great took care of my pets while away at mothers funeral. Would love to get this for her. She loves the white black bean moon cakes!

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  51. Chinese New Year is earlier this year.. usually it’s early Feb

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