Sharon Lee

Nov 172011
Food Photos from Italy

In keeping with the promise from my last post (Part 1 – Photos from my Italy Trip), here is my Part 2 sequel that features some of the FOOD that my husband and I had in Italy. Being a big foodie that I am, I was so thrilled about going to Italy that I spent days researching [Read More...]

Nov 162011
Photos from my Italy Trip

It has been a good few weeks since my last post on this blog.  As those of you who are on my facebook fan page knows, the reason is because of a recent trip to Italy.  (If you are not a fan yet, I hope you will become a fan by Liking my fan page – thanks [Read More...]

Oct 212011
Ingredient: Winter Melon (Don Qua)

Winter melon (Don Qua, 冬瓜) grows in warm climates and it is a long food stable in China. Used in candies, wife cakes, moon cakes, soups, stews, and stir fries, there are many ways to prepare this mildly-sweet cold season gourd. Winter melon is a cooling food that detoxifies and rids of skin acne due to excessive internal heat. This melon can be found in the produce section of Asian supermarkets or local farmer’s markets around the Bay Area in California. Choose ones with a firm white flesh, and prepare the melon by [Read More ...]

Oct 182011
Burdock Daikon Carrot Pork Soup

It has been a while since I last made a soup with Burdock Root, 牛蒡 (also called Gobo or just Burdock).  While this root is literally the foundation for a common weed that some find pesky, burdock root is known in several Asian food cultures to have cancer fighting abilities and health benefits.  Europeans have also used this [Read More...]

Oct 132011
Potato and Tomato Onion Fish Soup

I have a fish craze lately, prompted by my recent milky white Bok Choy Fish Head Tofu Soup (白菜魚頭豆腐湯). It was so delicious and so easy to make that I wanted to make and share another fish soup recipe with you. Besides, fish is so healthy for us. They are a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to the healthy function of our brain and heart. This soup is delicious and it is nourishing for the body too, making it a great soup for both young and old. [Read More ...]

Sep 282011
Pumpkin Carrot and Corn Pork Soup

If you like Japanese kabocha pumpkin like I do, this is the best time of the year to enjoy them.  Although kabocha pumpkins are available year-round, they are at their best now in the late summer / early fall season.  When picking a kabocha pumpkin, look for ones with a dark green skin and a dry corky [Read More...]

Sep 222011
Chinese Soup Pot on 92.3FM Radio!

I am very excited to share that the Chinese Soup Pot was recently featured on a local Bay Area radio station, on 92.3 FM! On September 18th 2011, the Chinese Soup Pot was featured in an hour-long noon-time Cantonese radio talk show program hosted by DJ4 and his partner King. The main host talked about how he discovered the Chinese Soup Pot, and that he recommends the site to his listeners as an excellent place to learn about Chinese soups. Listen to a mp3 clip of this radio program featuring the Chinese Soup Pot: [Read More ...]

Sep 202011
Ingredient: Burdock Root

Burdock root (牛蒡) is the root of a common weed that belongs to the same family as artichokes and daisies. It has a sweet, mild pungent flavor and a crispy texture. Culinary use of this root vegetable achieved international recognition in the late 1900s with the popularity of the macrobiotic diet which advocated its consumption. The root is known for its many health benefits, including its cancer-fighting properties. It is also used in Chinese medicine to remove phlegm [Read More ...]

Sep 162011
Herb: Luo Han Guo

Luo han guo (羅漢果) is a very sweet, round dried fruit of a viny plant that grows in southern Chinese provinces. It has been used in China for a millennium as a low calorie sweetener and in the treatment of diabetes and obesity, as its sugar is almost 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. Luo han guo is also used in Chinese medicine, herbal teas, and soups to treat chronic bronchitis and coughs. This fruit is also classified as generally safe by the USDA. [Read More...]

Sep 152011
Muslin Bags - A Great Kitchen Tool

Muslin fabric bags are inexpensive handy reusable items I like to have around the kitchen.  They are soft semi sheer bags made of a loosely-woven cotton fabric called muslin (or “calico” in the UK and Australia).  Not only do they make soups clear and keep flavors pure to its inherent taste and character, they also make foods [Read More...]