Sharon Lee

Feb 162011
Ingredient: Kabocha Pumpkin

Ingredient Name: Kabocha. Also called Japanese Pumpkin. Ingredient Name in Chinese: 南瓜 (Nán guā) Description: Kabocha pumpkin is a small Japanese variety of winter squash, usually weighing 2 – 3 lbs each. It is sweeter than a butternut squash, and has a texture and flavor of a pumpkin and sweet potato combined. Kabocha pumpkin is commonly used [Read More...]

Feb 152011
Ingredient: Wood Ear

  Ingredient Name: Wood Ear. Also called Black Fungus. Ingredient Name in Chinese: 木耳 (Mùěr) Description: Wood Ear is a brown edible mushroom fungus with an ear-like shape that grows on dead and living wood. They are flavorless like Snow Fungus, with an al dente jelly-like texture. They are used as food and medicinal purposes for many [Read More...]

Feb 152011
Cilantro Tofu and Preserved Egg Soup

  If you are looking for an easy soup recipe that doesn’t cost your wallet a fortune, here is a delicious budget soup I love.  The inexpensive but healthy main ingredients are cilantro, tofu, preserved egg, and pork.  All of the ingredients can be bought at a local Asian grocery store.  And if you want more savory [Read More...]

Feb 152011
Ingredient: Lotus Root

Ingredient Name: Lotus Root. Ingredient Name in Chinese: 蓮藕 (Lián ǒu) Description: Lotus root is an edible root of the lotus flower, an aquatic perennial. It is used in Chinese and other Asian cooking as food and medicine. They can be used in soups, deep-fried, stir-fried, and braised. Lotus roots can be eaten raw, but it is [Read More...]

Feb 152011
Ingredient: Ya Li Pears

Ingredient Name: Ya-Li Pear Ingredient Name in Chinese: 鴨嘴梨 (ya-li) Description: Ya Li is a specific type of pear imported from China, and are in season during the autumn and winter months. They have a very sweet, juicy, white, and crisp flesh, with a smooth light-yellow skin on the outside. Well known for its scrumptious flavor and [Read More...]

Feb 152011
Ingredient: Yellow Chives

Ingredient Name: Yellow Chives. Also called Golden Chives and Albino Chives. Ingredient Name in Chinese: 韭黃 (gau wōng) Description: Yellow chives is an herb belonging to the onion family, and closely related to the garlic chives (also called Chinese chives, 韭菜) It has a milder and sweeter flavor and fragrance compared to the garlic chives. It is [Read More...]

Feb 152011
Ingredient: Ginger Root

Ingredient Name: Ginger Root, or just Ginger. Ingredient Name in Chinese: 黃薑 (Huáng jiāng) Description: Ginger is a yellow root native to the Asian countries. Used for thousands of years as a spice and medicine. Has a spicy taste and it is frequently used in Asian cuisines as a flavoring herb. Ginger can be pickled in vinegar [Read More...]

Feb 142011
Supreme Wonton Broth

If you’ve read my recipe post on Shrimp Wonton Soup, you’ll know how much I LOVE and obsess over good wontons and dumplings. And to make a delicious high quality wonton soup (or a dumpling soup), a supreme broth is one of the secrets that will make your whole family asking for more. The broth is an [Read More...]

Feb 112011
Herb: White Fungus

Herb name: White Fungus. Also called Snow Fungus, White Tree-Ear, and Tremella Fuciformis. Herb name in Chinese: 雪耳 (xuě yi) Description: White Fungus is an edible fungus that grows on various deciduous trees in Asia. It is flavorless. Has an al dente crisp texture like wood ear. Used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years to heal [Read More...]