Sep 102012
Herb: Dried Tangerine Peel

Dried tangerine peel is a food ingredient used in Chinese cooking and medicine. It is cherished for their distinct bitter and fragrant taste. The best and most valued Dried Tangerine Peel is from a region in China called Xinhui (新會), as they are more fragrant than tangerine peels from other regions. This fruit peel is known to have a warming property, with anti-viral and anti-bacterial abilities. Dried Tangerine Peel is also known to help with digestion and wet coughs due to [Read More ...]

Dec 142011
Herb: Dried Lily Bulb

Lily bulb, 百合, is a health benefiting crispy edible root vegetable that grows from the Lily flowering plant. They provide protein, calcium and several other vitamins. As a Chinese herb, dried lily bulbs help relieve coughs, dry throats, clear heat, and calm the spirit to promote restful sleep. Lily bulbs should be wash thoroughly before cooking as sand are often trapped in between its fleshy layers. They are [Read More ...]

Dec 092011
Herb: Yu Zhu

Herb Name: Yu Zhu.  玉竹 (yù zhú ) (also called Solomon’s Seal Rhizome, Polygonatum Root, or Polygonatum Odoratum as the botanical name ) Description: Yu zhu is the dried edible rhizome of a Solomon’s Seal flowering plant that belongs to the lily family. The plant is commonly grown in shaded gardens around the world for its pretty arching [Read More...]

Dec 062011
Herb: Adenophora Root (Lady Bell Root)

Adenophora Root (沙參), also called Lady Bell Root or Nan Sha Shen, is grown throughout the mountains and lowlands of China, Japan, and Korea. It is an herb used to ease dry coughs, help expel yellow sticky phlegm, and to moisten the lung and throat. It has a cooling property and nourishes the yin. Those with a cold cough or have spleen deficiency should not use adenophora roots [Read More ...]

Dec 052011
Ingredient: Dried Figs

Dried fig is the soft and sweet edible fruit of the tropical ficus tree. Many varieties exist although the dried white fig (Chinese Dried Fig) is the type commonly used in Chinese cooking. Figs are one of the highest plant source of calcium and fiber. Dried figs also contain many other nutrients and antioxidants like flavonoids, and polyphenols. Some studies have suggested that dried figs can help fight cancer and reduce blood pressure. In Chinese medicine, dried fig is classified as a yin yang balanced food and known to moisten [Read More ...]

Nov 302011
Herb: Dong Quai (Radix Angelica Sinensis)

Dong Quai is an important medicinal plant indigenous to China. Sold in pre-cut slices and whole root forms, this herb is used to relieve symptoms of gynecological conditions such as menstruation pain, recovery from childbirth, menopause, and fatigue / low vitality. Although dong quai is often used by women, this herb is also consumed by men. In Chinese medicine, dong quai is a mildly warming herb that nourishes the blood and invigorates blood circulation. It is believed to help regulate [Read More ...]

Nov 232011
Ingredient: Longan

Longan is an edible fruit related to the lychee, rambutan, maple, and horse chestnut. Its white translucent flesh is juicy and sweet with a light floral scent. Longan can be eaten raw as a fruit, or it can be dried and used in cooking. It contains minerals like riboflavin, potassium and copper. It is also a very good source of vitamin C. In Chinese medicine, longan is used to relieve insomnia and other ailments stemming from blood and qi deficiency. [Read More ...]

Oct 212011
Ingredient: Winter Melon (Don Qua)

Winter melon (Don Qua, 冬瓜) grows in warm climates and it is a long food stable in China. Used in candies, wife cakes, moon cakes, soups, stews, and stir fries, there are many ways to prepare this mildly-sweet cold season gourd. Winter melon is a cooling food that detoxifies and rids of skin acne due to excessive internal heat. This melon can be found in the produce section of Asian supermarkets or local farmer’s markets around the Bay Area in California. Choose ones with a firm white flesh, and prepare the melon by [Read More ...]

Sep 202011
Ingredient: Burdock Root

Burdock root (牛蒡) is the root of a common weed that belongs to the same family as artichokes and daisies. It has a sweet, mild pungent flavor and a crispy texture. Culinary use of this root vegetable achieved international recognition in the late 1900s with the popularity of the macrobiotic diet which advocated its consumption. The root is known for its many health benefits, including its cancer-fighting properties. It is also used in Chinese medicine to remove phlegm [Read More ...]