Feb 152011
Ingredient: Ginger Root

Ingredient Name: Ginger Root, or just Ginger. Ingredient Name in Chinese: 黃薑 (Huáng jiāng) Description: Ginger is a yellow root native to the Asian countries. Used for thousands of years as a spice and medicine. Has a spicy taste and it is frequently used in Asian cuisines as a flavoring herb. Ginger can be pickled in vinegar [Read More...]

Feb 112011
Herb: White Fungus

Herb name: White Fungus. Also called Snow Fungus, White Tree-Ear, and Tremella Fuciformis. Herb name in Chinese: 雪耳 (xuě yi) Description: White Fungus is an edible fungus that grows on various deciduous trees in Asia. It is flavorless. Has an al dente crisp texture like wood ear. Used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years to heal [Read More...]

Feb 102011
Ingredient: Shiitake Mushroom

Ingredient Name: Shiitake Mushroom. (Also called Chinese Mushroom, Black Mushroom, or Chinese Black Mushroom.) Ingredient Name in Chinese: 冬菇 (dōng gū) Description: Shiitake mushroom is an edible fungus native to China and Japan. Used as both food and medicinal purposes since the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 – 1644) in China. Dried and fresh versions are both sold [Read More...]