Sep 152011
Muslin Bags - A Great Kitchen Tool

Muslin fabric bags are inexpensive handy reusable items I like to have around the kitchen.  They are soft semi sheer bags made of a loosely-woven cotton fabric called muslin (or “calico” in the UK and Australia).  Not only do they make soups clear and keep flavors pure to its inherent taste and character, they also make foods [Read More...]

Aug 252011
How to Test for Lead Paint on Ceramic Clay Pots

Lead is a soft poisonous metal that is used in colored paints and ceramic glazes. It is found notably in the glaze colors red, yellow, white, and orange. This lead glaze is often used on ceramic, clay, porcelain, stone, or earthen pottery or cookware. According to the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and many scientific research, high [Read More...]

May 052011
Clay Pot Use and Maintenance Tips

If you are a new and proud owner of a clay pot cookeware, or are thinking of buying a clay pot, this is an article you should continue reading.  In my Choosing the Best Soup Pot post, I compared 5 of the most common types of cookware, including clay pots.  There are many functional benefits I described [Read More...]

May 032011
Choosing the Best Soup Pot

One of the most basic tools required to make soup is a soup pot.  There are many different types to choose from for various lifestyles and uses.  They range from the standard stainless steel, to clay pots, electric slow cookers, vacuum thermal cookers, to pressure cookers.  Which one is the best? I will show you the distinct [Read More...]

Apr 282011
Choosing the Right Cutting Board - Part 2

If you already read my Part 1 – Choosing the Right Cutting Board post, I hope you found useful information there on choosing a good wooden cutting board.  There I covered the pros and cons of different wood materials and how they affect a cutting board’s usability.  Selecting a quality and appropriate cutting board is important because [Read More...]

Apr 272011
Choosing the Right Cutting Board - Part 1

A cutting board is an essential that any cook will need, whether you are just starting out or a veteran in the kitchen.  Today, numerous cutting board options exists, differing by material, color, size, shape, and price.  Which one is right for your kitchen? Lets explore these various choices, highlighting their pros and cons and how they [Read More...]